Frequently Asked Questions

01. How can I receive my gold?

Once the investor has qualified for Gold purchase, they can order for gold delivery within 7 days. As soon as they have ordered Gold, they can either pick it up from one of our branches after presenting their KYC or they can request it to be delivered to their address as per KYC.

02. Can I sell the bars back to the Company?

Yes, of course, the Company buys investment gold at the current purchase prices through the customer’s personal account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the prices of the WebShop.

03. How can I participate in the marketing program?

It is required to purchase any available products offered by company to participate and earn more through our marketing program.

04. How many Orders can I make within the Program?

You can place only one order under one category using your KYC.

05. Why Choose RGB over other companies?

There are many companies which are already running their business since long and still fail to earn people’s trust. Our Mission is to develop a lifelong bond with our clients. Your trust is our priority. We offer transparency which is the most important thing to look up to, for any of our clients. Our main asset is people’s direct association with our founders which hardly is a case with other companies.

06. Why believe RGB?

This is an era of scams and hence you must be aware of the origin of a company you are going to work or invest in. People tend to work with a company with experience and we bring tremendous experience in marketing domain. Our main motive is to build trust with our people which we consider the base of any business.

07. Why buy Gold from us?

We bring you an opportunity to earn more Gold through active participation on our marketing programs. Gold earned by you comes with 100% Purity.

08. How does RGB work?

We offer you to work with us without worrying much about finding new clients and also we refrain from making you work under a huge structure and hence reducing that extra burden from your shoulders. Our mission is to help people keep investing in Gold for better-ment of their future. We wish to join hands with all those who may be working but can earn a little more without having to invest much time and effort. Our focus is empowerment of women in our country too so that they can join us and earn for themselves and be self dependent.

09. What are the chances of loss?

NIL. You immediately get a product on registering with us which removes any loss of money Moreover you earn Gold when you actively participate through our marketing programs. So, there are no chances of loss because Gold is a unique commodity accepted worldwide and readily sold.

10. What is the quality of Gold?

We assure you that the Gold that you receive will be of premium quality. All the Gold Bars are delivered to us and then to you by a very reputed name in India known for the best quality of Gold.