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About RGB

Recurring Gold Blocks is intended for purchase and sale of an investment in gold bars.

Gold bars are bought and sold through Internet-shop in multiples of 5 Grams only.

Bars delivery is carried out by the insured mail or they can be received by prior arrangement in the delivery department in Noida/Lucknow.

How to start investment in Gold :

  • Register on our website.
  • Go through the identification process which includes logging in on the website using Unique Investor Code and password.
  • Choose Investment Proposal and place an order.
  • An account will be opened for the Gold Investor on the website to view and manage their Investments.
  • Gold Investor is required to Ensure two Gold Bookings to Qualify Board.
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  • RGB has all the rights to make any amendment in the policies and work accordingly in case of any changes in the policy from the government's End.

How it Works

Very few shortcuts are there, if any, but if you are looking for best shortcut available, It's RGB It's Gold.

RGB-Purchase of Board

Purchase of board

Gold is the purest form of Money
Stay Focused !
RGB-Break Your Board

Break Your Board

Only Gold is Money everything else
Is credit !
RGB-Build Your Profits

Build Your Profits

Dishonest men dislike gold because it's
Honest Money !
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RGB-Running Marketing Proposals

Marketing Proposals

RGB-Active Cities with Investors

Cities with Investors

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